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Extra-long weekend!  My class were only supposed to have the Friday, weekend, and Monday off, which was already pretty generous, but then my professor cancelled class today too. We only had her classes, so another free day!
Granted, The Depress is still happening (despite some promising developments in the not-feeling-terrible field) so I have a nebulous sense of the concept  of time itself, but still, extra day. It was nice. Going to be harder to get up tomorrow, but that's what energy drinks are for, yeah? Yeah*.

Major acitivites this weekend: stayed with my step-parents for a couple days, saw Many Dogs (three), hung out with some small children at a playground, took some pictures. I'm getting slowly but noticeably better with the camera part of my camera phone and it's nice to see. 

Also notably, got an email back from the library that I'm going to be doing my first work placement in. (My program has three; one this term, two next year.)  Director was still friendly, and apparently I'm going to be helping acquire two new branches. It's a regional library, so I guess that's a thing that happens? I don't know what it'll entail, but it sounds interesting, and definitely not what I expected. Tentatively looking forwards to it.
It turns out that the dress code for staff in the library  is "business casual" (not semi-formal).  Wtf that means I am still essentially unsure, but practically it meant that I went out shopping and got some dress pants / shirts, with my step-mom's advice on what looks/is actually professionally casual. She's been in business for a long time, I trust her judgement.  One of the pairs of pants we found is basically skinny jeans but in sleeker non-denim material. They're even plaid!  It's an interesting fashion niche.

Found this shirt, too, which I like. May the leopard and/or dalmatian that died for it to be made rest in peace.

A white dress shirt with a dappled black pattern placed flat on a glass table.


Am currently drinking a Slurpee, since it's frozen-pop weather again, contemplating making lunch for tomorrow. Probably will not, but it's a good sign that the intent's there.

(That was actually a trick question there, all weather is frozen-pop weather.)

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*(Even though I wasn't, I studied environmental science in university before I switched to college.)


Listening to an 1996 interview with David Foster Wallace and wondering how many social medias I could mirror my thoughts about it on, and with what formatting changes.  I'm thinking at least three, like:

@GoosesTwitterName Listening to DFW interview c.1996 & finishing laundry #newyearrrrr 

Goose's Facebook Name
listening to a David Foster Wallace interview, thinking about how who you're writing too affects what you can write but only as much as you need it too.

Tumblr Post @GooseTumblr
:  Listening to David Foster Wallace interview,   a) I really like this dude,  b) I should make actually finish-reading 'Infinite Jest' a thing to do this year???,  c) We need better mental health discussion everywhere and also good mental health care everywhere but particularly, I'm thinking rn, for you US people  
#also I'm wearing wine-red leggings and a stretchy soft white&black striped shirt that could be a dress if I really wanted it to  #and didn't mind constantly tugging it   #I AM V. CUTE  #you'd think I dressed up but no it's just all my pyjamas are in the wash  #1am Jan 2cnd PARTY TIME

I'd phrase it differently if I was just talking to my friends on Skype, too, which is kinda the most direct social media because instead of shout-outs to the void they're very specific shoutouts to people I know and love. "Tfw you listen to old DFW interviews and want to read 'Infinite Jest' for real and also, separately but not really separately, want to punch Chuck Palanhiuk right in the face."

I wonder why I think of certain white dude authors (DFW one notable person, JD of The Mountain Goats and 'Wolf In White Van' a second) as good people but other white dude authors (most notably rn Chuck Palanhiuk, and also the guy who originally wrote 'I Am Legend') as just terrible humans based on like, how they talk and how they write but nothing else. Also how JD sings, of course.

I don't have an answer, but if I was writing on my first semester's class-mandated Wordpress I could probably tie it all together with some idea about how words matter so balance your media well, or something.
It sounds shaky and is, after a point, but I don't care 'cause I got a pretty good mark on those assignments.

And in general, as it turned out! My last grade for first semester went up on the 22cnd of December or so. The highest GPA that you can get in my college is a 4.50, and this first semester I managed to wrangle a 4.04. Aside from the obvious error message joke it was a lot better than I expected I'd do (especially with my seasonal depress kicking in early this year for some unholy reason). In percentage terms, which I understand a bit better, my average was about 86%. 
Library tech-in training powers activate.

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So I haven't done this in a while! Woooo~

Well, my name's Tina, though online in fannish spaces I generally respond to Goose. I like to think I've been part of fandom for a while but in practical respects I'm still very much a tiny child, fandom-wise. I mostly read fanfic (/listen to podfic / other fanworks), as well as write fic. More recently I've started wrangling on AO3, poking at Fanlore pages and actually responding to challenge memes and such.  I was on LJ with everyone else, until the herd migrated over to Tumblr where I currently reside.
I actually still have my LJ account up. As a museum exhibit more than a useful tool, though. I like recording where I've been / what my thoughts were at times in my life, and then keeping the records. That's part of the reason I made this journal. I don't know how much my thoughts lend themselves to long-form anymore, or how much of this will actually be public, but here it is anyway. \o/ 

I also exist on places not on the internet, such as Manitoba. (Hence the name pun- Canadian goose, you see.) I have two cats, used to have three but one passed earlier in September. I try to be a friend to all creatures except bugs, to which I harbour a terrible grudge.  I'm going to college to learn to be a library tech, which is like a librarian except less eldritch-horror if I were in Night Vale and less needing-a-Masters-degree in real life. This is my first year of college-college, after two and a bit years of university that went interestingly / fiasco-shaped.  Outside of formalized school, I like to learn about most everything I can.
I have a twitter / instagram / tumblr and if you ask I can probably link you to them. For now though I think I'll keep this one floating apart from them.

What else. I'm doing NaNoWriMo right now, or more to the point I'm not  doing NaNoWriMo right now because I'm writing this blog. My novel is actually novel-length fic that I've been working on for motherfucking ever*---  it's an origin story for The Girl aka Motorbaby aka Grace, from MCR's "Danger Days" mythos but specifically the videos.
I'm on the home stretch now and preeetty far off from how canon actually exists, but, I am writing it anyway because it's important to me.  
MCR and bandom at large, by the way, being one of the fandoms' I've been in for the longest time, and arguably the most actively. Despite all the wank and long-sufferingness, it's been a pretty good place for me to be.

Hopefully DW will also be a good place for me to be!   


*One of my influences on starting the fic was "I hope I can finish this before their next album". Yeah. Yeah.

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